Challenged by the Concept2 Holiday Rowing Challenge

Hopefully, next Friday, I’ll be able to post a blog saying I’ve achieved complete success in this Concept2 Holiday Rowing Challenge. To do so, I’ll have to row a whopping 100,000 meters at my local gym, First in Fitness.

Right now, though, this Challenge is kicking my butt. I’ve increased my speed and decreased the time it takes me to row 5,000 meters, which is my goal for each session. But there was one day this week when my muscles needed a break and then another when all the rowing machines were being used. I have five days left that I can make it to the gym, in which I’ll have to row 5,831 meters each day to achieve the goal. Ugh.

However, a lot of great things are coming out of this. For one, if I make it to 100,000 meters, Concept2 will donate money to the Center for an Agricultural Economy. That’s my motivation. Another good thing is that this challenge has really (and I mean REALLY) pushed me hard at the gym, right to the outer edges of my capability. I’m not straining myself in an unhealthy way, but I’m certainly learning what my body can do in a real workout.

I suspect this will carry over to my workouts after the Challenge. I don’t think I can get on the elliptical machine or the treadmill or the nautilus equipment without knowing that my body is strong and vibrant and feels better when I’m really pushing it. I’m so happy about all of this because I so often live in my head or online. I’m a desk jockey by choice, but I still want to help my body carry me through many, many more years on this earth.

I also wonder what other strengths and/or capabilities I have that just haven’t been tested this way yet.


Photo credit: Garage Gyms

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