Concept2 Holiday Challenge – 100,000 meters to go!

Just as I was getting sick and tired of the elliptical machine, I found out about the Concept2 Holiday Challenge!  (Talk about good marketing – their message showed up in just the right physical, mental, and emotional space for me to hear it loud and clear.)

Between November 26th and December 24th, I’m going to attempt to row 100,000 meters on a Concept2 machine at First in Fitness in Montpelier. Every day that I row, I’ll log onto my free personal log book and try to rack up the meters. With my normal workout schedule, I’ll have to row about 5000 meters per session (I go to the gym 4-5 days per week). I’m definitely shooting for this goal and envisioning myself rowing, rowing, rowing, but those 100,000 meters are going to be quite a stretch for me!

But that’s the best part of a challenge, right?

The wonderful side benefit of this – besides good health and a sense of accomplishment – is that, if I reach the goal, Concept2 will donate $.02 per 1000 meters to my choice of Oxfam International, Slow Food USA, Feeding America or The Center for an Agricultural Economy.  I love all of these organizations, but the Center for an Agricultural Economy is right here in Hardwick, Vermont!

So I’m going to do this thing, but I could use your support. Here’s the Concept2 Holiday Challenge website.  Want to race?

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