Quantum Wellness Cleanse: Week One

Week One of this Quantum Wellness Cleanse is behind me. I spent about the same amount of money on groceries that I would have for junk food or restaurant dinners, so the fact that I’m 3 pounds lighter and feeling pretty darn good is rewarding.

To recap:

I’m working off of Kathy Freston’s 21-Day Quantum Wellness Cleanse.

I’ve eliminated the Big Five from my diet: sugar, caffeine, alcohol, animal products (meat & dairy) and gluten.

On Days 1-3, I had a growing headache and was very, very tired from the caffeine and sugar withdrawal.

My energy returned on Days 4 and 5.

On Day 5, I realized that I’m confined to salad and water if I want to go out to eat with friends. So I cleared my social calendar, unless y’all want to come over for tofu.

I built meals around tofu, veggies and some excellent soups. On Day 6, I was lucky to find gluten-free chips at the Hunger Mountain Co-Op. Garden of Eatin’ brand chips, with some salsa, spiced up my routine big time!

I’ve been drinking decaf coffee (allowed) all week, but on Day 7 I had a K-cup of decaf that had more than my fair share of caffeine. I felt lightheaded, my heart raced and the “buzz” wasn’t actually any fun.

The downside of this cleanse has been the cravings for chocolate, lattes, bread and beer, although I’m not even a big drinker. One day I even had the distinct craving for a Manhattan – my cravings have been so specific! I also miss hanging out at my favorite coffee shops. I could drink decaf there, but the pastries would be too tempting.

The strangest discovery has been that I crave sweets when, among other times, I’m really having fun or in “the zone” of some project. It’s as if I’m a positive emotional eater.

Overall, the fact that I can really feel how each meal is effecting me has been fascinating. Wearing my baggy pants – I’ve lost 3 lbs in 7 days! – is undeniably rewarding.

So, on to Week Two of the Quantum Wellness Cleanse…


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