Recommendation from Jaime Purinton at Anza-Borrego Foundation

“Working with Michelle Barber has been an amazing experience, and her contributions have been pivotal to our successes in several complex projects. Michelle’s expertise and dedication in managing the Google Ad Grant and Microsoft Ads for Social Impact have significantly amplified our reach and impact. Her strategic insights and meticulous attention to detail have ensured that our ad campaigns consistently perform at their peak, navigating the intricate matching rules of the Microsoft Ad Grant with ease.

“One of Michelle’s standout achievements has been the seamless transition to GA4. Her deep understanding of analytics and her proactive approach have been invaluable, ensuring that our data remains accurate and actionable through the transition. Michelle’s technical ability was also on full display during the completion of our website redesign. When we faced critical challenges, she stepped in at just the right moment, demonstrating not only her skill but also her remarkable ability to remain composed under pressure.

“Our WooCommerce store has also greatly benefited from Michelle’s hands-on assistance. Her knowledge of e-commerce platforms and her problem-solving abilities have streamlined our operations and enhanced our online retail capabilities. Moreover, her relentless perseverance in managing the numerous rounds of domain and website transfers has been truly commendable. Each transfer, fraught with its unique challenges, was navigated with Michelle’s expertise, ensuring that our digital presence remained stable and secure.

“Michelle’s commitment and exceptional skills have been instrumental in the successful execution of our projects. Her ability to handle complexity with grace and her relentless pursuit of excellence make her an invaluable asset to any team. I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle to anyone seeking a top-tier professional in the digital marketing and web management space.”

Jaime Purinton

Communications Manager

Anza-Borrego Foundation

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Recommendation Jaime Purinton at Anza-Borrego Foundation