Recommendation from Scott Kindred, President at SafeHouse Web

“Michelle Barber has been an invaluable asset to SafeHouse Web since fall 2019. Michelle has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication in her roles, contributing significantly to the success of key projects and client relationships.

“Among the highlights of Michelle’s work has been her engagement in serving our client, a regional food bank in California, where her work has been nothing short of first-class. Her interviewing and writing skills have been instrumental in crafting compelling narratives and marketing materials for the food bank. Moreover, her proactive thinking and resourcefulness have led to the implementation of several impactful initiatives, including the recommendation of the Google Ad Grant, AmeriCorps VISTA, and the innovative Hunger Action Month spoon idea. These recommendations directly contributed to the advancement of our client’s fundraising goals and brand awareness objectives.

Additionally, Michelle has been managing the Google Ad Grant for a Seattle-area nonprofit since July 2023, further showcasing her expertise and commitment to driving results for nonprofit organizations. She has not only managed their Google Ads campaigns effectively but has also played a vital role in setting up foundational tools such as GA4 and Google Tag Manager. Under her guidance, the nonprofit’s Google Ad Grant has generated an impressive $12,800+ in revenue since early September 2023, highlighting Michelle’s strategic acumen and ability to optimize campaigns for tangible impact.

“Beyond her technical skills, Michelle has been attuned to our core value of fostering positive client relationships and has done exemplary work in communicating with them positively and proactively. Her professionalism and dedication to delivering high-quality work make her a true asset to any team or project.”

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Recommendation from Scott Kindred, President at SafeHouse Web