Water Fast: Day 1 of 3

  • 84+ oz water
  • 0 oz or grams or pounds food
  • A minor headache since noon
  • No hunger pangs yet

I embarked on this water fast because I knew that last one would happen: I’m curious to see how many days until I feel hunger.

Granted, today I’ve felt a few cravings: a cinnamon roll from Espresso Bueno, a ham and cheese croissant from Capitol Grounds, and homemade chex mix that a friend posted to Facebook, but any impulse I’ve had has been to use food just to do something. That’s not hunger or nutrition: that’s using food as a social activity or to alleviate boredom.

So I’ve just stayed put today. I’ve caught up on some reading, done the dishes, put a few gifts away and decluttered. I took a two-hour nap and I’ll probably dive into a new book later this evening.

I haven’t felt fatigued at all. I assume my body has enough stored calories to burn for energy for at least the next two days of this fast. I’ve been curious about longer fasts and recently read about Jennifer Thompson’s 40 Day Water Fast. I’d like to try that someday, but I’m just starting with these little ol’ three days.

My reasons for water fasting are to detoxify my body and to reset my habits and cravings. After these three days, I’ll move into Kathy Freston’s 21 Day Quantum Wellness Cleanse. Water fasting allows the body to use the energy it normally uses for eating and digesting food to cleanse the body of toxins and disease. A three day water fast doesn’t allow time for a complete detox, but, in my experience, it starts the process and sort of cleanses my palate.

I chose to do such a thorough, albeit short, experiment because I feel I have very little control or willpower over my cravings. I have habits around where I go (coffee shops) and when (all the time) that support a high-carb, high-sugar, high-caffeine intake.

These habits are also the way I get blogging done, the way I run into friends around town, the way I start my day, and the way I pass time on weekends. Water fasting gives me some extra time and energy to examine what’s really working for my body, what’s helping me achieve my goals, and then time to plan a path forward for the next few weeks and months.

Do you find that food is associated with a habit you love?  For example, a night out with friends, a daily coffee stop, a mid-afternoon snack, or the whole deal (soda, popcorn, candy) at the movies?

What would you do if you removed food from the scenario?  That’s what I like about fasting: remove the food and see what’s beneath the habit.


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3 Comments for “Water Fast: Day 1 of 3”

claudia marieb


so great michelle, and to do it on holiday week rather than the gluttony that usually ensues. It’s so nice that you are cleansing, that you are being gentle and staying in while doing it, that you napped. Tender and sweet – what a treat for your body and soul. Thank you for sharing your experience


This was a tough decision, because normally during the holidays, especially when I’m on vacation, I LOVE being out and about and going to all of my favorite coffee shops and restaurants, etc. But I think I was thinking of being gentle with myself and others, knowing that a fast would make me a bit slow and grumpy – there was no need to expose others to my caffeine and sugar withdrawals!

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