Digital, Search, Social Advertising

I have managed advertising campaigns on search engines, social platforms, and websites since 2009. This includes Google search and display, Bing search, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. The campaigns have run the gamut from $50 tests for a small business up to $10,000 per month in Google Ad Grants, and from $1,000 per month in consistent remarketing advertising for a national nonprofit all the way up to $240,000 per year in search advertising for a college.

Here are some previous successes, to show what we might do together:

  • Increased impressions 56%
  • Increased clicks 52%
  • Increased conversion rate 65%
  • Raised an average of $5 per day on a $2 per day spend for a statewide nonprofit
  • Drove an 86% increase in college inquiries within 18 months
  • Increased advertising impressions by 600% while decreasing costs 33%

Finding the Right Channel through Testing

With multiple colleges and nonprofits, I have tested advertising efforts on Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, and Instagram. The clients were not certain where to focus their efforts and new social media channels were enticing. Testing can be done in a cost-effective way, and quickly, so we can move onto the best channel(s) and get your results rolling.

Transparency, Reporting, and Collaboration

I have often taken over advertising efforts from larger digital agencies (and I’m a one-woman shop). When I ask my clients what they would like to improve, they report wanting more communication, transparency and reporting, access to their data and accounts, collaboration and shorter turnaround times on changes, and, of course, results. On those things, I can deliver. I provide monthly reports, prompt communications, education, training, and documentation of how we’re managing the campaigns, and account set-up that will serve the client beyond my tenure.