Interim, Maternity and Medical Leave Coverage

When a colleague goes on medical or maternity leave, or departs the organization entirely, it can be a mad scramble to cover their workload. And if a reorganization is in order, it’s easy to skip the strategizing that should take place before filling the position.

That’s when it could be useful to engage an independent contractor who has interim experience and can span the gap between consultant and freelancer. A freelancer gets the day-to-day work done. A consultant assists your organization in assessing the situation and proposing options or a route forward. I can do both.

I’ve held four unique interim roles. In several cases, I simply did the work of someone who was on leave and returned everything to their capable hands after a short period of absence. In other roles, hiring was necessary, and I assisted in writing job descriptions, interviewing, and training. In another few roles, significant change was necessary, or just discussed. In those roles, I assessed departments, strategized with existing staff and leadership, and proposed new routes forward.

Each position required an entirely different approach, and I was adaptable and amenable to each organization’s needs. Here are several brief case studies of interim roles I’ve held, and medical or maternity leave coverage, to show what we might do together:

Reorganization, Revitalization, and Hiring

For 18 months, I served as the Interim Director of Marketing at a small liberal arts college with a national footprint. After the departure of the Dean of Enrollment, I revived all marketing activity. I also assisted in staffing reorganization, which included searches for a new Director of Admissions and a Digital Media Coordinator.

Maternity and Medical Leave Coverage

For several months, I managed a small university’s main social channels while a communications staff member went on maternity leave. Several years later, another colleague went on medical leave, and I managed the university’s newsletter in her absence. Throughout this long-standing relationship, I also supported the university’s social media, writing, newsletter, meeting management, website, and advertising efforts in various capacities.

Maternity Leave Coverage

For two months, I supported a national nonprofit’s social media advertising while a marketing staff member went on maternity leave. Upon her return, I continued to support their Google Ad Grant and Microsoft Ads for Social Impact Grant.

Staffing Coverage, Assessing, Hiring

For six months, I served as the Interim LGBTQ+ Coordinator at a large, regional university. After the departure of the inaugural Coordinator, I managed the LGBT Programming Office and assisted the University in preparing for a national search.

I enjoyed the challenge of each of these roles, as well as the focus required and the short-term nature of the contract (from 12 weeks – 18 months). Two things were especially rewarding in many of my interim roles:

  1. Capably managing someone’s workload, which allowed them to take maternity or medical leave with peace of mind.
  2. Assisting in rethinking how work is done when a colleague departs the organization. This tapped into my “fix-it” mindset.

Next Steps

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I’ll respond as soon as possible, and we’ll arrange a meeting over Zoom. This 30-60 minute discovery call is entirely free, and the purpose is twofold: to articulate what the project is and determine whether we would like to work together. After the call, and if we would like to proceed, I’ll develop a proposal / scope of work, which outlines the project, budget, and timeline. If we’re on the same page then, I’ll send a contract.

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