Newsletter and Email Programs

Email is the bread and butter for any organization. It’s the one channel people are used to receiving news, communications, and solicitations through, while also not being controlled by a mysterious corporate algorithm. Before outsourcing blogging, social media, digital advertising, or media relations, your organization should have a way to communicate with your constituents by email. That’s where a newsletter program enters the picture!

I have managed, tested, supervised, and advised on newsletter programs across higher education and nonprofit sectors. I have created annual calendars, created the actual content, set up the templates in iContact, MailChimp, and Constant Contact, and evaluated the kinds of content our audiences appreciated most (as determined by clicks and conversions). I have also written email fundraising appeals, executive and crisis communications, and designed “drip campaigns” for speedy, 24/7 responses.

PAU News May 2023Here are some previous newsletter successes, to show what we might do together:

  • Grew newsletter subscribers 250%
  • Grew subscribers 52%, even while cleaning the list and running re-engagement campaigns
  • Grew email list to the equivalent of 2% of the state’s population
  • Raised 305% of a crowdfunding goal through social media and email
  • Increased enewsletter open rates 62%

Here are a few newsletters I’m particularly proud of. Please keep in mind that not all links and formats survive the test of time:

Next Steps

I would love to speak with you about newsletters and email programs for your college, university or nonprofit! Please fill out this Contact Form.

I’ll respond as soon as possible, and we’ll arrange a meeting over Zoom. This 30-60 minute discovery call is entirely free, and the purpose is twofold: to articulate what the project is and determine whether we would like to work together. After the call, and if we would like to proceed, I’ll develop a proposal / scope of work, which outlines the project, budget, and timeline. If we’re on the same page then, I’ll send a contract.

Let’s start with just a little more info first. Complete the contact form here, and I look forward to hearing from you!