Print Publications & Alumni Magazines

Print is alive and well. Direct mail fundraising can still be the best way for nonprofits to acquire, retain, and excite donors. Alumni publications can be the strongest foundation stone for university engagement and alumni giving.

Alumni Publications

I have served as a Managing Editor, and on the Editorial Board, of several alumni publications. The PDFs below are examples of my work. Please keep in mind these publications are a team effort and I can not take credit for all the writing, photography, nor design. However, I am able to assist clients in interviewing alumni and writing stories, creating an annual editorial calendar so quarterly publication deadlines don’t sneak up on us, and working closely with designers to map out the contents of your alumni publication.

As a managing editor, I can also support you in highlighting the amazing work of your students, faculty, and alumni, as well as create inspiring narrative arcs that (re)connect alumni with their alma mater.  

Goddard College Winter 2018 Clockworks Cover

Print Publications

These days, when we’re considering print publications, it is amongst a plethora of channels. In some cases, digital advertising or organic social media is the proper avenue to our goal. But some goals and projects require creative thinking. For example:

  • Designing a holiday card for Advancement that captures a bi-coastal campus.
  • Creating Admissions and Alumni Relations materials that capture the organic, group-oriented nature of the college.
  • Creating hard copy materials for other departments, and working with them from the conceptual stage all the way through printing and distribution.
  • Utilizing previously printed posters (a lot of posters, boxes of posters!) in a creative way to support enrollment.

While I consider myself a digital marketer, I’m also “channel agnostic,” meaning I am not attached to the channel or media that helps you achieve your goal. And sometimes print publications do the trick.

Next Steps

I would love to speak with you about print publications and/or alumni magazines for your college, university or nonprofit! Please fill out this Contact Form.

I’ll respond as soon as possible, and we’ll arrange a meeting over Zoom. This 30-60 minute discovery call is entirely free, and the purpose is twofold: to articulate what the project is and determine whether we would like to work together. After the call, and if we would like to proceed, I’ll develop a proposal / scope of work, which outlines the project, budget, and timeline. If we’re on the same page then, I’ll send a contract.

Let’s start with just a little more info first. Complete the contact form here, and I look forward to hearing from you!