Website Management, Architecture, Google Analytics (GA4)

I assist nonprofits and universities in many aspects of website management, analytics, organization, and assessment. I am experienced in both WordPress and Drupal platforms, Google Analytics and the new GA4, and many CRMs that supplement websites with sign-up and donation forms.

I am available to clients who just need an extra set of hands updating webpages or adding events to website calendars. I can also support your organization in setting up GA4 events and conversions, and build Google Analytics reports that will provide valuable data on how visitors navigate your website. We can go several steps further and utilize heatmaps, identify A/B testing opportunities, and install a sitemap to help search engines index your site better. I have also supported clients in finalizing website redesigns and served as the connector and translator between staff and a website designer or hosting platform.

I also provide SEO (search engine optimization) services. This includes keyword research, writing keyword-rich content, and identifying SEO opportunities to grow your website’s reach.

Here are some previous website successes I’ve had, all documented by Google Analytics, to show what we might do together:

  • Increased online donations 34.49%
  • Raised online revenue 67%
  • Increased donation conversion rate 9.55%
  • Grew website visits 14.35%
  • Lengthened average website visit 88.07%
  • Decreased bounce rate 57.36%
  • Drove 86% increase in inquiries at a college within 18 months
ABF website redesign

Qualitative projects can also heighten an organizations reputation and even deliver quantitative results. For example:

  • To capture a university’s extensive LGBTQ+ programming, we gathered all their content onto a Pride page. This proved to be such a successful model, it was replicated for Hispanic Heritage Month and several other themes and awareness months.
  • A nonprofit had a sitemap, which they thought enabled search engines to crawl their site and increase their SEO value, but it wasn’t the latest technology Google and Bing preferred. With a few minutes of work, we installed the latest sitemap and connected it to their Google Search Console. Then, year-over-year, we saw a 4.69M (that’s M for million!) increase in search engine impressions, an 84,000 increase in website clicks, and the name of the organization moved much closer to the #1 spot in search engine rankings.

Managing a website can keep you busy enough, but thinking about the website architecture and organization, deciding whether to blog or not, and figuring out how to entice more donors, inquiries, or sign-ups can require calling in back-up support.

Next Steps

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I’ll respond as soon as possible, and we’ll arrange a meeting over Zoom. This 30-60 minute discovery call is entirely free, and the purpose is twofold: to articulate what the project is and determine whether we would like to work together. After the call, and if we would like to proceed, I’ll develop a proposal / scope of work, which outlines the project, budget, and timeline. If we’re on the same page then, I’ll send a contract.

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