Social Media Management, Evaluation, Strategy

Social media is the reason I became interested in marketing in the first place. I was assisting a friend, the executive director of a senior center, with a website redesign, but we started talking about whether the senior center should create a MySpace or Facebook page. Back then, it was a legitimate question: MySpace was a strong platform and Facebook was a fledgling, college-based social network with zero visual appeal. I realized she could search for people based on both age and zip code, making MySpace the perfect outreach tool for seniors in her center’s service area.

Even though MySpace proved less durable in the ensuing years, I was hooked on helping nonprofits and universities find their audiences on social media.

I’ve continued to utilize social media channels to build nonprofit donor bases, inform and encourage university prospective students, cultivate alumni communities, and engage audiences to move mountains and better the world. I am a seasoned, level-headed professional who enjoys finding the right channel, the right content, and the right cadence to achieve your goals and build your audience.

I have assisted nonprofits and universities on:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Groups
  • LinkedIn Groups

I have done this through both organic social media and paid social advertising, as an employee (often a “team of one”) and as a freelancer. I have managed the day-to-day social media activities of universities and nonprofits, as well as consulted on strategy and special projects. I’ve also created job descriptions for a digital media coordinator, mentored and trained staff as both a supervisor and consultant, and covered clients on holidays and maternity and medical leave.

Here are some social media successes I’ve had, to show what we might do together:

  • Increased followers 211%
  • Increased engagement by 155%
  • Increased engagement rate 18%
  • Increased clicks to website 1,296%
  • Increased annual impressions from 700K to 3.2M
  • Created a social media ambassador program
  • Managed a president’s Twitter (X) account

Additionally, I’ve helped organizations evaluate whether they should join new networks, determine how to evaluate the success and purpose of current networks, and track clicks back to the website via Google Analytics (GA4).

Next Steps

I would love to speak with you about social media for your college, university or nonprofit! Please fill out this Contact Form.

I’ll respond as soon as possible, and we’ll arrange a meeting over Zoom. This 30-60 minute discovery call is entirely free, and the purpose is twofold: to articulate what the project is and determine whether we would like to work together. After the call, and if we would like to proceed, I’ll develop a proposal / scope of work, which outlines the project, budget, and timeline. If we’re on the same page then, I’ll send a contract.

Let’s start with just a little more info first. Complete the contact form here, and I look forward to hearing from you!