Quantum Wellness Cleanse: Week Two

Sixteen days down on the Quantum Wellness Cleanse! I’ve lost a total of 4 lbs and about 1 inch around the waist, 1.5 inches around my thighs and 1 inch around my upper arms.

Week 2 was more difficult than Week 1. Returning to work after vacation, I found that we have new chefs – actually, new bakers – at the College cafeteria! I’ve resisted the cinnamon rolls and homemade bread, but it was an epic battle.

This past week became more stressful when my personal laptop died on me. I’ve been scrambling to get my budget off the hard drive (not possible), rebuild the budget on a loaner laptop, shop for laptops and decide when I can afford a whole new set-up. Oh, I’m also in the thick of designing the February Montpelier Art Walk, which requires Publisher, which is not on my loaner.


Instead, I went to the Hunger Mountain Co-Op. I was not going to resort to gas station junk food on this one. The Cleanse calls for no sugar, caffeine, animal products (meat & dairy), alcohol and gluten. So, basically, my comfort foods were gone.

At the Co-Op, I found gluten-free Late July Organic Chips and even snagged a pint of So Delicious dairy-free, soy-free, no sugar added, coconut milk “mint ice cream.” I’m sure the tiny chocolate chips in my spoonful constituted cheating, but I gave myself permission.

Maybe I shouldn’t have, since I think it was that that upset my stomach and made me feel out of sorts in the middle of the cleanse. However, the mint chocolate chip really hit the spot and got me through the stress-spots.

To briefly recap, in the past two weeks, I’ve:

  •  lost weight
  •  lost inches of fat
  •  felt clear-headed and calmer
  •  not been driven by cravings and addictions (most of the time)
  •  had less joint pain
  •  more naturally felt the ebbs and flows of my energy
  •  replaced compulsive eating and shopping with mindful cooking and eating
  •  learned so much about food, nutrition and my own body and health

As I plunge into Week 3, I’m beginning to think of the end of the 21-day cleanse. Namely, I’m trying to figure out what to continue and what to ease up on and, especially, how to ease myself back into a few food items.

More reflections on this Quantum Wellness Cleanse next weekend.


Photo credit: Steven Depolo


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